"Our teachers are really the heart of our center. They lead with enthusiasm, values and compassion." 

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Hailey Pratt

“I have always loved working with children; they inspire me to be the best person I can be. Children help you see things from a whole new perspective. There is never a dull moment around children, and I love that!”


Hailey Pratt began her childcare experience in 2010 in the early childhood program at the Technology Center. She then moved into a teacher’s aide position at Vassar High School Head Start and Latch Key. Hailey started working for EduPlay in October of 2014. She has completed her Child Development Associates in 2016 at Delta College and is currently working towards her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Hailey enjoys camping and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Ariel Perez-Smith

Co-Lead Teacher - Infant Room

"I love working with kids because I get to make a difference in their life. I get to help them learn and grow."


Kylee started working in childcare in 2019. She began employment at Eduplay in 2020 as an assistant teacher. She has completed her Childhood Development Associate and is now a lead teacher in the infant room. Kylee is currently studying at Delta, and planning on transferring to Ferris for elementary education. She loves playing softball, fishing, kayaking. 


Our teachers are really the heart of our center. They lead with enthusiasm, values and compassion. We build cohesive teams by valuing each teacher’s strengths and contributions within the programs and recognizing the relationships with the children in their care. Our teachers understand that children learn best when they are provided a foundation of warm, responsive care, and a genuine loving relationship is built with their teacher. We are very fortunate to have an amazing team of talented teachers at EduPlay who are passionate in what they do and care deeply about the children.

Kimberly Zehnder, Owner

Some of the best times in our lives are spent as a child exploring, learning and imagining.  These years are also the most valuable when comes to learning and absorbing all the information and experiences we are given.  These are the brain's critical developmental years. The first few years in a child's life are an extraordinary period of cognitive and emotional growth, brain development and language acquisition. The older we get the more we forget just how precious and fleeting these moments were for us, not to mention how important they were to our brain's development.  


Imagine an early childhood program and after-school program that not only meets the child care needs of parents during these periods of critical development, but that also provides opportunities for in depth exploration and discovery in the areas of science and creative arts in an activity based learning environment.


EduPlay aims to offer quality early childhood services with flexible hours that support local parents as well as those employed in the tourist industry within the community.  We will provide close personal attention and an activity based learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery.  These qualities are essential to providing a quality and creative learning experience that promotes the development of the whole child.

Rachel Smith

Lead Teacher - Waddler Room

“The one thing I love most about working with children is being able to watch them work hard and succeed at things every single day!”

Rachel Smith began working in a childcare setting in 2014. In March of 2015, she began working at EduPlay Childcare in Frankenmuth. Growing up Rachel loved to babysit and she always knew she wanted to work with children one day. Rachel completed her Child Development Associate in 2016 at Delta College and is currently working towards getting her associates degree in Early Childhood Education. When she is not working at EduPlay, you can find her at Dance Performance Academy in Frankenmuth, where she teaches tap, jazz, ballet and kick line to children of all ages.

Jennifer Jones

Co-Lead Teacher-Toddler room

"Watching children grow and learn warms my heart. There is nothing better than seeing their smiles or hearing them laugh. The hugs and love I receive from them on a daily basis keeps me going."


Jen Jones started working at EduPlay in 2019 . Before becoming an infant lead teacher, she was a stay-at-home mother for eighteen years. Jen is currently obtaining her Childhood Development Associates. She enjoys spending time with her husband Aaron, two children Savannah and Colin, and her many animals. Jen is very involved in her church and often volunteers as the assistant treasurer and working in the nursery with the children. She also volunteers her time at Michigan School for the Deaf. She enjoys camping, playing games, and spending time with her family and friends.

Ahnna Schmitzer

Co-Lead Teacher - Toddler Room

"I love working with kids because I get the opportunity to watch them grow and develop everyday. I love being able to see their excitement when they learn something new. It's a very rewarding feeling"


Ahnna Schmitzer began her childcare journey in 2014 as an assistant teacher for several different age groups. She started working at Eduplay in October of 2020 as an assistant teacher in the Waddler Room, and in July of 2021 she accepted the position as a lead teacher in the Toddler Room. She is currently working towards her Childhood Development Associates. She loves spending time with her young son and puppy. She enjoys painting, watching movies, and traveling.

Melissa Volk

Lead Teacher - Early Preschool Room

I’m happy to be back into the field of working with children again. I love to see children light up when they learn something new or reach a new milestone- children are such a blessing and so much fun to be around and teach!


Melissa Volk started in childcare in 1997. Since then, she has held various positions at several childcare centers. She has been an assistant teacher, lead teacher, and in 2003 became a director. She worked as a certified nursing assistant in home care and was the head of the Restorative Therapy Program at Wellspring Lutheran Services for the last 10 years. She pursued her degree in Childhood Development at Delta college. Melissa works in the Early Preschool as a lead teacher. She loves spending time with her dog Snickers, reading, traveling, crafting, and spending time with her family and friends.

Cassidy Wilson

Lead Teacher - Preschool

"Each day I come into the classroom knowing we always have something different and exciting to do! Not only do they learn something new, I learn from them as well. Watching a child finally have a break-through moment and understand something they didn't before warms my heart. They have this special glow in their eyes when they did something on their own." 


Cassidy Wilson began working in childcare in 2020 at Eduplay. She began as an assistant teacher in the School Age Room and is now the lead teacher. Cassidy has her associates degree in General Studies. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University in Early Elementary Education. She enjoys crafting and playing her guitar.

Makenzie Buetow

GSRP Lead Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is their fearlessness. They have a whole world to discover filled with new and exciting, sometimes terrifying things. I love seeing their genuine reaction when they are learning. There is nothing more rewarding than experiencing that with them"


Makenzie Buetow began her childcare experience in 2016. She started her employment at Eduplay in  January of 2019 as an assistant teacher. She was a lead teacher in the Toddler Room for several months. Before working in childcare, Makenzie taught swim lessons to young children and children and adults with special needs. She also coached middle school volleyball for several years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education Administration in October of 2021. Her goal is to become a childcare director. Makenzie loves spending time with her friends and family, especially her three young nephews. She enjoys concerts, baking, crafting, and swimming.